media/articles/National Award 2016.png
National Award (2016)
by Sang-Hun Oh for Power Korea
media/articles/Park JaeJin 2015.png
by Park JaeJin for Gookumin Ilbo
media/articles/Grand Prix Award by Dong-A Ilbo 2015 www-1.jpg
Grand Prix Award by Dong-A Ilbo
media/articles/No Heekyung article for Gookmin Ilbo 2010 www-1.jpg
by No Heekyung Gookmin Ilbo for Gookumin Ilbo
media/articles/Kang Goo-Won 2010.png
by Kang Goo-Won for Vergil America
media/articles/Bang Mirim article for Weekly People 2010 www-1.png
by Bang Mirim for Weekly People
media/articles/Elise Barna article for Misoolsidae Art Magazine 2002 www-1.jpg
by Elise Barna for Misoolsidae Art Magazine (2002)
media/articles/Nam-Soo Kim 2002.png
by Nam-Soo Kim for Art Korea Magazine
by Ed McCormack for Gallery&Studio
by Person of The New York Times
media/articles/Eunjoo Yook 1996.png
by Eunjoo Yook for Chosun Ilbo
media/articles/Junghe Lee 1992.png
by Junghe Lee for Chosun Ilbo
media/articles/The Korea Times 1992.jpg
The Korea Times
media/articles/First Gallery 1970.jpg
First Gallery Exhibition