About Me
I was born and raised in Korea as the daughter of a dedicated artist. I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and have pursued a career in the arts. My passion brought me from Seoul to Paris, and later to Stockholm: the city in which I gave birth to my two children. After 21 years in Sweden my family and I moved to the United States, eager to explore yet another part of this world. We have now been in New York since 1998. I feel that my career and vision for art is only just beginning to develop; as I grow to further understand my self and my purpose, I find that this human life is complex, multi-layered, and beautiful just as the nature that surrounds me.
Singapore Contemporary Art show
Jan 19-22, 2017
Suntec convention centre, level 4
Singapore, Singapore
Ganainsa Art Gallery
29 March - 4 April, 2017
Insa-dong, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, South Korea
BEXCO Busan Art Fair
Jun 1-5, 2017
55 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu,
Busan, South Korea
Personal Statement
I seek to present a spiritual connection between the cultures of the east and west in my work. To accomplish this I have opted to use mixed media and calligraphy movement as they allow me to explore abstractionism in a way that combines eastern philosophy with styles of the west. The ways of nature along with my international lifestyle influence my vision and artistic expression. The northern lights, which I experienced while I spent over 20 years in Sweden, move me. Their intense quality, coupled by their interaction with cold nights, intrigues me. In my paintings, light is a metaphor for spirituality and transcendentalism.

I strive to create visual, tangible depth in my work. Creating the layers needed to achieve this quality requires a repetitive and time-consuming process. I desire to see a strong foundation beneath the images in the foreground. This process is cyclical, and is one that has been inspired by the unrefined and gradual processes of nature. I want my work to have an organic quality to it; I am driven by a sense of freedom, and I hope this free-flowing spirit can inspire others.

I use found objects and acrylic paint to depict abstract notions, feelings, and thoughts. As these materials present movement, I like to use blank space and contrast to create balance. Recently, after many years of darker abstract works, I am now using more vibrant colors to represent the joy of life. Through my paintings I want to express hope and empathy to overcome our lives' struggles and thus provide a path to healing and restoration.